Library Media Center

Library Rules

Students have full access to computers and other electronic resources to assist them in the completion of their homework and other special projects. However, the following rules apply while students are in the library:

  •  Study and read quietly - no socializing!
  •  No eating, drinking, or chewing gum. Water bottles must be stowed in your backpack.
  •  No cell phone use - making or receiving calls or texts!  If you  use it, you lose it! All  confiscated cell phones will be turned in to your guidance specialist.
  • Treat all books, magazines, computers, equipment and  furnishings with respect.
  •  Leave the library/computer lab neat. Throw away trash, return  borrowed books and  textbooks where they belong, tuck in  chairs, take all your belongings.
  •  Use of Technology: Devices (iPads, Tablets, Cell Phones, eReaders) may be used with  the permission of the librarian.  Please ask for permission to use any of these devices  for homework or reading. If you use these devices other than what you've been given  permission, the device will be confiscated and turned in to your guidance specialist.

Lost/Damaged Books

  • Library books and Textbooks that have been lost or damaged by a student must be paid for before another one is issued.
  • All textbook and library book fines will be assessed at the end of the school year.
  • Book debts must be cleared by the end of the school year, as well


Monday - Friday
7:30 am to 4:00 p.m.

Attending the Library During the School Day

Students are required to obtain a library pass from the administrator on duty in the cafeteria during snack and lunch. A pass is not required for entry into the library before or after school.


0 - Silence is Golden (quiet)
1 - Spy Talk (whispering)
2 - Low Flow (small group)

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