CATHLEEN BOTT » Welcome to English 7!

Welcome to English 7!

Welcome to junior high English! 
Independent Reading:
Whole-Class Reading:
Writer's Notebook:
I will provide every student with a composition book (but it is okay to use your own notebook). We will use these at least twice a week for note-taking, reader response, and writing practice. I will periodically post a current table of contents or notes pages on our class Google Classroom page, and at least once a quarter I will grade based on completion. My hope is that the students will be able to keep these notebooks for reference in eighth grade and even in high school.
Vocabulary and Grammar:
  • Word Dissection: roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Seventh graders receive a packet of 15 lessons at the beginning of each semester. We have weekly quizzes every Friday, and a final exam at the end of each semester. The program continues into eighth grade, when students receive 30 additional lessons. I recommend using flashcards to study. Also, the free game incorporates many vocabulary words that use WD parts.
  • Vocabulary and grammar instruction are incorporated in every literary selection. I may supplement with worksheets and quizzes.
  • Writing assignments: Most writer's notebook entries practice targeted writing and grammar skills. Longer essays and projects require academic vocabulary and standard grammar. Before any major essay or project is due, we have gone over the rubric and edited and revised based on the rubric.