If you would like to report your student's absence please use the link below to complete our Attendance Form.  You can also report by using our Attendance Message Line. (714) 990-7500 (press #1 - Attendance) 


Student Attendance
Regular attendance is one of the most important requirements for success. All students are required to attend school daily according to California State Law. The only legal exceptions for absence from school are personal illness, medical necessity and funeral services for a member of the immediate family, for not more than one day in California or three days outside of the state.

Reporting an Absence
When a student is going to be absent, a parent or guardian should call or leave a message on the voice mail on the attendance line (714) 990-7500 (press #1 - Attendance) at any time. The school district has a policy that states the school must receive a phone call or written excuse from the parent or guardian before the student can be cleared for re-admittance. If a parent or guardian calls a written note is not needed. All unverified absences will be marked truant until cleared.

Returning to School from an Absence
When returning to school the next day from an absence, students may go straight to class. Upon returning to school on the same day after an appointment, students are to go immediately to the attendance office to obtain a re-admit slip before returning to class. Please note that students who are not in attendance at school for at least four periods are not eligible to attend after-school or evening activities, including athletics.

Unexcused Absences/Truancies
Reported unexcused absences from all of any part of the school day, as well as unexcused tardies, will be considered truancies and the student will be required to make up the time either during detention or Saturday School.

Promptness in reporting to school and to the classroom is vital to the efficient operation of the school and the individual class. Unexcused tardies will result in disciplinary action. Students who are late to school must report to the attendance office to obtain a tardy permit before going to class. (Oversleeping and walking to school are not reasons for an excused tardy).

Leaving Campus
This is a closed campus; therefore, students may not leave campus at any time during the school day unless they are released by the attendance office. We realize that some doctor and dental appointments must be arranged on short notice, but please notify the attendance office of appointments before school so your child can be given an off-campus pass. We would like to avoid disrupting classes as much as possible.

Independent Study Program If your student must be out of school for five days or more, please contact the BJH attendance office as far in advance as possible. Independent study agreements are an educational support strategy that ensures your student will not miss important learning. Independent study also means our school won't lose educational funding