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School Site Council

The council is required, under state law, to serve as the school community representative body for determining the focus of the school’s academic instructional program and all related categorical resources. The council has responsibility for the following duties:
  • analyzing and evaluating the academic achievement of all students in the school;
  • obtaining recommendations from school advisory, standing and special committees regarding the focus of the school’s Single Plan for Student Achievement;
  • developing and approving the school plan and all related proposed expenditures in accordance with all state and federal laws and regulations;
  • recommending the school plan including related budget expenditures to the local governing board;
  • providing ongoing monitoring of the implementation of the plan and budgets/expenditures;
  • revising the school plan, including expenditures, timelines, and evaluation criteria as needed;
  • participating in all local, state, and federal reviews of the school’s program for compliance and quality;
  • annually evaluating the effectiveness of the school’s progress toward meeting school goals to raise student achievement for all students;
  • encouraging broad representation of parents, community members, teachers and students, if appropriate, including all socioeconomic, ethnic, and programmatic groups represented in the school in leadership roles and in the activities of the council;
  • carrying out all other duties assigned to the council by the district governing board and by state of federal law;
  • elect officers annually in May;
  • review and approve School Safety Plan; and
  • establish an elections committee annually to coordinate elections for open council positions.