About Us

Brea Junior High School is founded on its Bobcat P.R.I.D.E! Brea Bobcats are a compassionate and courageous community of learners who commit to excellence in academics, citizenship, and personal P.R.I.D.E. 
Show kindness and empathy. Be a problem solver with your words and actions.

Listen and follow directions. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Be honest. Do what's right at all times. 
Work hard and make the most of every moment.           
Put forth effort to learn every day. Achieve your personal best!        
Brea Junior High School is one of the finest junior high schools in Orange County! We are a high-performing school where all 950 students are academically challenged and where they are provided with the curriculum, instruction, support, and time they need to meet rigorous academic standards. The curriculum and extracurricular programs here at BJH are motivating, engaging, and tap into our students' interests and curiosity. Students are scheduled to participate in two elective opportunities, in order to explore 21st Century College and Career opportunities. Our students learn to understand important concepts, develop essential skills and apply what they learn to real-world situations. It is going to be an excellent year ahead for your student! 
Being the only junior high school in Brea allows us to exemplify the essence of a community school. When parents become partners in the education process, students benefit in a myriad of ways. I strongly encourage you to utilize the AERIES Parent Portal, which provides parents and students with current attendance records, grades and other useful information regarding student progress. We want all students to be successful here at BJH, so please check the Grade Portal regularly. In addition, we invite all parents to participate in our volunteer programs, including our School Site Council and our Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Lastly, our school's website is a valuable resource and includes links to teacher webpages, school and district information, PTA news, and City of Brea resources/information. In addition, you can now follow us on social media on: